Review Policy

Review Policy

·         Only print copies and not e-books review requests are entertained at "So many books, so little time" (with exceptions in certain periods of time or certain genres, for which separate communication is made).

·         A review is posted within a month (give or take two weeks) of receipt of a copy of the book.
The author or agent is requested to furnish the details of the time period by which s/he expects a review.
·         Till then, I keep corresponding and updating as to when I received the copy, when I started reading and when I post a review.

·         I shall be posting it on my blog, So many books, so little time ( and goodreads, amazon, flipkart, B&N etc and any other sites for which the author provides me with links.

·         Further, the author may be contacted (if a positive review has been posted) for an interview/author spotlight to be put up on the blog, following the review. The author is requested to indicate whether this proposition interests him/her. (It is just an offer, without any compulsion to agree )
       I also host giveaways often, so if the writer/agent wants to collaborate on that, you're welcome to propose it, and I will manage the posts in this order: review, spotlight and interview, giveaway!

·         Also, the author can indicate, after the review has been posted, whether it is desired that the review be publicized. Accordingly the review/interview/author spotlight link shall be posted on the official Facebook page of "So Many books, so little time", along with other Facebook groups, shared in google+ communities, added to indiblogger lists and other such platforms.

What should you do to get a feature/review/spotlight of a book you have written/wish to promote?

Contact me. 

Drop in a mail to:
Send a message to my facebook page:

IMPORTANT: I have moved to Scotland from India recently, and am only accepting requests for physical copies at the moment.
(Update as of December 2017: I am not accepting review copies till February 2018!)

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